5 Step Solution

     to a Healthy, Germ-Free &     Government Compliant workplace

*The steps cover necessary & mandatory guidelines for office spaces to operate during & even after the lockdown. Non-compliance of guidelines will result in legal action which may include penalty and jail term

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Step 1

Securing Perimeter

From Fumigation of office perimeter to Sanitization of personal and common transportation vehicles, this step is exercised on a daily level & at regular intervals as directed by MoHFW & State Guidelines.


Guideline Highlights

- Personal & Special Transportation facilities shall be disinfected at every visit

- Before every shift, fumigate / dis-infect external & internal premises of the building

- 1 Hour mandatory gap between shifts | Transportation facilities to run at 30% capacity

- Wear approved PPE Kit while carrying out disinfection work

Equipments & Resources  Required

- 2 in 1 Fogger Machine 

- Disinfectants 

- Trained Sanitization Workforce

- PPE Kits with Face Shield

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Step 2

Securing Entry/Exit Points

Safe touchless machineries & equipments shall ensure sanitization & safe passage to your employees and their belongings at all the entry and exit points of your staff and health workers  

Guideline Highlights

- Adopt touchless technology equipment like Automatic entry gates / Sterilising tunnels

- Use High Precision Infrared Sensor for Thermal Screening (Touchless)

- Use Touchless Hand Sanitizer (Spray Based or Automatic Dispenser)

- Use of KN95 Face Masks is mandatory at all times. Non-negotiable clause

Equipments & Resources Required

- IR Enabled Thermal Screening Gun 

- Sanitization Tunnel / Entry Gate 

- Trained Sanitization Workforce

- Disinfectants & PPE Kits with Face Shield


Step 3

Securing Common Areas

Secure your most vulnerable area of virus spread by regular fumigation & sanitization of Lifts, Toilets, Cafeterias, Staircases etc every 2 hours and ensure social distancing of 6 ft everywhere 

Guideline Highlights

- Areas of Lifts, Staircase, Cafetaria, Toilet, etc marked with colored tape at 6 ft distance 

- Common areas & services to be handled by dedicated people wearing masks & PPE kits

- Touchless Hand Sanitizer at Lift Entrance, Cafetaria, Toilets, Meeting rooms, etc.

- Lifts, Toilets, and Cafeterias to be sanitized every 2 hours at least

- Stairs should be preferred over lifts and use of cafeteria should be discouraged

Equipments & Resources Required

- Touchless Hand Sanitizers 

- Fogging & Mist based Spray Machines 

- Disinfectants & PPE Kits for Health Workers

- Employee Sanitization Kit 

- Toilet Sanitization Kit


Step 4

Securing WorkFloor

Keep your clients up to date with what's happening.  

Guideline Highlights

- Before every shift, fumigate / dis-infect workstation surface & equipments 

- Employees to wear Masks at all times 

Equipments and Resources Required

- Surface Sterilizers 

- UV Based Air Purifiers

- Fogger & Mist Based Spray Machine

- PPE Kits & Face Shield for Health workers

- Disinfectants 


Step 5

Securing WorkForce

Secure your workforce, not just by PPE Kits, Gloves and Masks but also by providing Covid 19 Medical Protection cover.  

Business Title

- Medical Insurance is mandatory for everyone

- Transportation services and offices to run at 30% capacity

- Social Distancing of 6 ft to be maintained on and off the work floor

Guideline Highlights

- Medical Insurance Cover

- Employee Protection Kit



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